the Bible

Do you value the privilege you have in owning a Bible and knowing how to read it?

It is said that our wealth in comparison to much of the world’s economic status can be measured by these two indicators. That is an alarming fact! We have always thought that wealth was defined by a home, one or more vehicles, ample food and clothing… No, it is the ownership of a book and the knowledge that enables you to read it.

I have heard the challenge recently that if we believe we are living the radical Christian life, we should take a look at the underground church in China. A female minister of the Gospel has a single page from the Bible and pastors an entire church using the outlawed text.IMG_0345

And we find it common to own a dozen or more copies of the Bible.

In one of my many copies I have a sticker on the inside cover that says, “It cost men and women their lives to bring the written Word of God to you. Read it! Believe it! Live it!”

I love the Bible, and I want nothing more than for my life to be defined by the realities of God and His kingdom as revealed in the holy script. I believe there is power in speaking the eternal truth. I have experienced miracles by standing on written promises of God and refusing to budge until I see them manifest in my life. God’s Word is either all true, or He is a liar.

So allow me to issue a challenge of my own: For 40 days starting August 27, let us invest more “down time” in the Word of God than we do any other activity. During that time span, let’s spend more time reading the Bible than watching television, surfing the net, or reading the newspaper.

What’s the point, you ask?

We’re always taking in messages, but are they beneficial? Are the things that we invest great amounts of time into growing  the spirit within us? What we feed thrives; what we starve dies. It’s a slow death but a definite one when we seek to satisfy  the spirit with worldly wisdom. Your spirit hungers for Spirit- inspired truth.

If you’re afraid of turning into one of those Jesus freak Bible-thumpers, you can ignore the challenge. You’re afraid, I understand. Just add your fear of man’s opinion to your other heap of fears that keep you entangled in a limited life. But remember, God’s best for you is that you will know the truth, because the truth will set you free!

By the way, if you do not own a Bible, but would like one, let me know!


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