running my race

Where would I be without the work of discipleship in my life?

I know for certain where I would be: in the world and living as the world lives.

But I am here to say, that whisper you hear inside of you, There’s something more– it’s true! There is a life of freedom and soaring high above the hopelessness presented in the world. You were made for the “far above” life.

I blog my journey because there is excitement in walking with God. In His Presence there is fullness of life, joy, hope, purpose, and power. Seeing the world with eyes wide open and experiencing the wonder of God’s grace didn’t happen for me all at once. I am still being transformed by the on-going work of discipleship. I will spend my life becoming more like Jesus Christ.

Here are the tools God has used and continues to use in shaping my life:

Caring grandparents who loved my soul and told me about the Savior.

An elementary school friend whose parents picked me up and took me to church.

A boyfriend (now husband!) whose parents loved and served the Lord.

A church family who loves people, walks in truth, and overflows with joy.

A sister-in-law who introduced me to Beth Moore Bible Studies.

Daily time spent reading God’s Word and reflecting on its application to my life.

Prayer at any time and for any reason.

Community Bible Study weekly lessons for seven years.

Serving as a Bible Study Leader.

Home education.

Scripture memorization.

Praying with people right when they ask.

Taking risks when the Holy Spirit says, “Go!”

Fasting when seeking direction.

Taking notes whenever a servant of God teaches.

Checking the accuracy of teaching with the Word of God.

Reading books written by those who live out God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Guarding my heart carefully and recognizing that just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s beneficial in building up my spirit.

Taking all questions to the Father who loves me and protects my heart with truth.

Looking at the one before me and asking God what He sees.

Boldly sharing what I hear God say concerning the individual.

Pressing through pain in worship of His sovereignty.


How I would love for you to share one, several or all the tools utilized in your discipleship! Please comment below! Thank you for creating discussion!



2 Comments on “running my race”

  1. I love discipleship, I wish more people would take discipleship classes. I think that most people don’t know that they need to be discipled

    • Desiray- thanks for your response! Yes! I totally agree- there’s not even an understanding of its need, but it is the great commission- to make disciples!

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