say good-bye to excuses

Get ready, Sharing Love and Truth readers! Today we’re saying good-bye to our excuses!

Photo Credit: drewleavy via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: drewleavy via Compfight cc

Let’s be real: We make excuses to ourselves; we make excuses to others, and we make excuses to God. Oftentimes, the excuses we make to ourselves are in the form of justification. We seek to justify our attitudes, words and actions in an effort to cleanse the conscience. And let me tell you something: you can justify anything you want to so your little mind is at ease.

Using your rationale, you can justify a deliberate offense against your own body, against others, and against God. We do it when we fall to temptation to lust, to overindulge, to be lazy, and to let our emotions control us. We often will employ justification when we make decisions concerning our use of money.

Anytime we compromise the truth and present our version of right attitude or behavior, we have employed justification.

Maybe you and I can satisfy the courtroom in our minds with such logic established through an act of justifying, but there is a courtroom in the unseen realm, and our Father and Judge is tuning in to the entire proceedings and rendering His counsel… I want you to get this!

He says, “Child, I love you, and I have deemed you righteous through your believing upon my Son, but this stuff you’re saying right now… it doesn’t translate clearly on My side. You see, in my courtroom, there’s only ONE means of justification that holds true, so I keep listening for your agreement with it, but I have yet to hear, “by the blood of Jesus!”

Why are we looking for our own means of clearing the conscience? The blood of Jesus welcomes us into intimacy with God; the blood grants wholeness and power to be His children who reveal His glory in the earth. We just need to get real in heaven’s courtroom and say, “Father, my thoughts {my words, my deeds} are sinful, and I receive a renewed right standing with You today through the blood. Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, to walk out my justified life in Christ.”

We not only make excuses to ourselves; we make excuses to others. Why? Because we don’t want to look lazy or weak! It’s easier to excuse our pathetic condition on something hereditary, or our past being less than ideal, or the hard hits we’ve gotten in life!

My pastor says, “You don’t have more problems than other people; you just think about them more!”

Say good-bye to the excuses you’re making to other people. They’re not impressed.

The child of God should be entirely aware that because of His Holy and omnipotent Presence with us, we are set apart to live a life of ZERO limitations! May I suggest that every time you throw in one of the excuses you’ve grown accustomed to making, you’re actually partnering with the enemy? He’s made you to feel special because you have a problem, and it’s really bad. You bought the lie and defined your life by the issue. Guess what? That is completely missing God!

Read throughout the Bible and see the words of God- He is looking for a place to bear His Name. Are you going to be that place? Am I going to be that place? Say good-bye to the excuses, because there is nothing attractive about the Christian who bears the name, “diseased, abused, abandoned, useless…” No, God’s Name is heralded throughout this earth by His Name bearers who proclaim, “victorious, set free, overcomer, anointed, and purposed for more!”

Finally, we need to say good-bye to the excuses we make to God. By His Word, He is going to settle this once and for all. If you have walked with God for any amount of time, you have known His call to do something that is beyond your natural ability. He has asked you to forgive the unforgivable offense; He’s called you out of your comfort zone; He’s asked you to minister to people when you feel very unqualified and ill-equipped; He’s asked you to run with a vision that seems impossible to materialize… You and I have made our excuses known to God, but notice how He never entertains them. He doesn’t reply to our voiced “hang-ups.” God clearly and simply states,

“I will be with you.”

Oh, how we would love to think that maybe we are just that wonderful, and when the Father calls, we would have the beautiful package all together and ready to do just what He asks of us, but it never works like that. You don’t have it all together, and neither do I. He calls us into the supernatural work of the Kingdom, and it always requires the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God that He is with us! Moses thanked God. That was the only qualification God offered Moses when asked, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt? Countless other servants of God have heard the exact words: “I will be with you” (Genesis 3:11-12).

John chapter 14- Jesus prepared His disciples for His departure and return to the Father. He told them about the coming Holy Spirit and said, “He lives with you and will be in you… I will not leave you as orphans.”

Let us practice the awareness of the 24/7 Presence of God with us. Let us step into His possibilities assured of His Presence and His unwillingness to fail Himself. Beloved Child, the Father in heaven is with you to accomplish everything He has purposed for your life. Don’t shortchange your reward in heaven by your excuses made on earth!

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