got thankfulness?

We need to honestly ask ourselves, “What has my heart locked up and unable to express praise and thanksgiving?”

  • Am I unsatisfied because my expectations are not being met?
  • Am I steeped in a culture of criticism?
  • Do I view my problems as bigger than my God?

For us who are in Christ Jesus, praising and thanking the Lord God should be as natural as breathing. If, however, our hearts are unable to overflow with joyful expression, we should inspect our spiritual eyes, because the indicators for blindness are present.thankful

Jesus came to Bethsaida and encountered a blind man. He took the man outside the village and healed him, but then Jesus advised him not to go back into the village. Andrew Wommack taught on this passage of Mark 8 and suggested that Jesus had to remove the man from a culture of unbelief before he could receive his sight. (Matthew 11:21 records Jesus’ words of woe concerning unrepentant Bethsaida.) He also noted in order to maintain the ability to see, the man needed to avoid reintegrating himself into that spiritually unhealthy community.

Do you ever think about the level of influence others have on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being? Is it possible to comfortably walk in spiritual blindness because all others around you also fail to have “eyes to see?”

For those of you who work among a very negative crowd, protect your spiritual sight by investing in the one (or more) who shows an interest in learning about the things of God. Not only will the practice encourage you in your spiritual journey, but it will also make an eternal impact in your co-worker’s life.

If you live in a household teeming with critical attitudes, be the change agent. Pray with confident expectation that God will miraculously change hearts. Lead by example. Use your words to build up and not tear down.

Finally, stay humble and seek satisfaction through your relationship with Jesus. Your dependency upon others and circumstances for happiness will diminish as you drink more and more of His soul-satisfying, living water.




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