when the struggle is real

You’re hanging on to God’s promise, but that which you believe for isn’t coming to pass…

                              Do you give up?

                                          Do you assume that you misunderstood the Word of the Lord?

Consider David who was anointed with oil and proclaimed Israel’s next king by the prophet Samuel. That which was spoken concerning his royal position was not going to materialize quickly. Before young David could take the throne, he was going to run for his life.

In jealously, King Saul hunted down David, the fugitive. Although David had more than one opportunity to rid the earth of Saul’s evil ways, the fear of the Lord prevented David from laying a hand on his king.

sufferingInterestingly, while David endured a season that bore no resemblance to Samuel’s spoken prophecy, God assured David of His promise.

Three times.

Jonathan, son of King Saul and friend of David, prophesied that he would not inherit the throne but be second to David, because David was Israel’s future king (1 Samuel 23:17).

King Saul himself, in a moment of sanity, recognized that his lust for David’s death was unfounded, and he prophesied, “I know that you will surely be king and that the kingdom of Israel will be established in your hands” (1 Samuel 24:20).

Abigail, wife of the intolerable Nabal, made amends for her husband’s obstinate treatment of David and repeated the promise of God to appoint him as leader over Israel (1 Samuel 25:30).

So there you have it. The struggle is real. The promise seems long in coming. Still God is working everything out according to plan. In his gracious attention to your heart, He even makes sure that you know He holds fast to His Word spoken over you.

God is assuring you of His promise to fulfill His Word. Listen. Take heart. Trust in His goodness.



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