are you praying?

Oh, this is so good!

Have you prayed about someone’s heart toward you? One of those change-his-heart prayers and then watched the transformation happen right before your eyes?

It is an amazing thing! I have received a phone call within hours of asking the Lord for restored communication with a loved one. I have watched a child’s obstinate attitude miraculously turn to compliance. I could go on and on!

King David is once again on the run, but this time his adversary is his embittered son, Absalom. When David learned of his aide’s defecting to Absalom’s camp, he prayed, “O Lord, turn Ahithophel’s counsel into foolishness” (2 Samuel 15:31).Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.10.04 AM

David sent Hushai as a spy to Absalom. His mission was to frustrate the plans for a takeover, so when Hushai was asked for his opinion, he effectively countered the proposed manhunt and offered a plan that seemed more strategic than Ahithophel’s.

Although this account in Scripture entails much heartache and deadly circumstances, there’s beauty as we watch the Holy Spirit work in response to David’s specific prayer.

I have to ask, are you praying? Am I praying? Our lives consist of endless details centered around our relationships with others, but do we invite the Lord to execute His grace in times of discord? Do we ask Him to reach the mind and heart of the one with whom we cannot agree? Do we pray specific prayers?

Father, I pray that even today I will see a need for intercessory prayer. I believe that You are for me, so I will pray with confidence that You are able to reach the heart of the other and cause situations to turn  around for good.

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