Coping with Challenges

Pastor Keith Frix simplified his understanding of life and its inherent difficulties. He said, “You’re going to find one of these three statements to be true in every season of life: You’re heading into a problem, you’re in the midst of a problem, or you’re coming out of a problem!”

Check out this ARTICLE highlighting one woman’s outreach to children facing difficulties with illness. Sheri Sobrato Brisson draws from her own experiences with childhood sickness, surgeries and brain cancer to reach out to those enduring similar struggles. Her book, Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges, “uses journaling tools to empower and encourage kids to deal with feelings about health challenges that are otherwise difficult to talk about.”

As a big proponent of journaling, tomorrow I will offer a Tuesday Try It idea that will enable each of us to reach those “in the midst of a problem” with a Christ-centered solution!

Happy reading!


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