Hold On, Child! This Story Isn’t Over…

Perhaps you’re one of the many whose heart aches for the joyous celebrations that should be taking place at Christmastime. In the midst of merriment, you visit the sorrow of broken relationships.wisdom

My heart goes out to you, Friend, and that is why I must write and encourage you to hold on. Hold on to God’s promise concerning your loved ones. The story isn’t over. Just when you think that nothing is going to change, know that God is working behind the scenes to bring transformation.

I had to receive those words myself when a situation within my extended family seemed hopeless.

On one cold December day, the Lord called me to the large window behind my living room sofa. I sat down and looked outside, and He began to speak…

(God’s omnipresence means He can speak to us in any location; but have you also experienced His calling you away to a place of fresh perspective? It’s like the time God took Abraham outside to see the stars and consider His promise of numerous offspring. A fresh perspective instantly can change our outlook.)

Do you see that tree over there, Daughter? You see its bare limbs and think the tree is void of life. That is how you see your family, don’t you? But, in the same way that the leaves will return to the tree in the spring, so I will restore life to your family.

I received that promise coupled with God’s Word to make them “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” (Isaiah 61:3). I held on to the image of the tree and all of its significance. I held on to the Word of God. I had a joyful expectation of God turning the negative circumstance around for good. I wasn’t sure if He meant that change would begin in the literal spring or in a figurative season of rebirth, but I knew it would happen.

And it did. I can’t begin to explain how ecstatic my heart was a few months later. God faithfully delivered on His promise! After a decade of disunity, I celebrated a birthday with all of my extended family together under one roof! Miraculous! God is good, and what He does is good!

Hold on, Child. He has not overlooked your sorrow. The Holy Spirit is at work. Go back to the promise He spoke; ask Him for a word of hope to hold on to. Trust God to do all the necessary changes in the deep places of the heart. God will do what only He can do.

In faith,





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