I know I’ve covered some heavy topics this week on Sharing Love and Truth. It’s time to lighten up and find some inspiration!

I’m reading Mark 8 this morning and hear my Jesus say, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” I ponder my thoughts of Him and pen my response, “You are everything, Jesus! Nothing exists apart from you, for in You, all things have their being. You are the victorious ruler over all, and You have my heart. You are my shelter and my strength, my strong tower in whom I find refuge. You are Savior, Deliverer and Defender. Because You are the Prince of Peace, I come to You with a glorious exhale, and I find rest. Always faithful, always loving, always seeking to be more fully revealed. I have opened my eyes and declared Your Name – I Am! How can I not trust You?

How about you? Who do you say Jesus is?

Click on this link to see Akiane’s amazing painting, I Am. The entire gallery is inspiring, but I especially enjoy her creation of Jesus’ face. She captivated me with Prince of Peace, a work she did at age 9!

You’ll find the prodigy’s story on her site. She paints because she cannot restrain from painting. She produces as the Spirit enables her… it truly is a look beyond the veil of this temporal world.

Be inspired today!


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