You Are the Light of the World

Shortly before dawn I sat on the back porch taking in life-giving truths in the Word of God. It was my morning practice once the weather turned mild enough for outdoor devotion time. On this particular day, loud screeches from the woods in front of me broke the quiet I enjoyed, and I was prompted to move closer to the trees and inspect the source of the clamor. I had been set up by God Almighty! Supermoon on August 10 2014Creatures high in the trees were obeying their Creator, drawing me out from under the roof’s cover and into a posture of reverent awe. I stepped down from the porch and was instantly captivated by the glorious view in the sky. The moon, setting full and low in preparation for the coming dawn, commanded my undivided attention. My eyes widened, breath escaped me, and my mind forgot the disturbance in the woods.

The Spirit of God spoke: You have no light of your own, but you reflect my glory!

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14), and in the same way that He reflected the Father in heaven, so we, who are in Christ, reflect God and His kingdom in all we say and do.

What does the above truth mean to you? Please share thoughts and this post with the hashtags, #IDmakeover #walkitout


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