Is it okay for me to desire that you walk in revelation? Personally, my conviction is to live more of a revelation-orientated life and less of a reactionary one. Naturally, I want heaven’s best for you too!

A divine revelation lifestyle is the ministry that Jesus modeled for us. A prepared readiness for action is only possible through the Holy Spirit’s enablement. Through the wisdom of God downloaded to us through Scripture study, visions and prophecies, we walk in preparation of what is to come.

Jesus began His earthly ministry only after an initial forty days of prayer and fasting. It was during that time that the Father prepared Him for the things that He would speak and do once He entered the public scene. Jesus Himself said that He can do only what He sees His Father doing, and He speaks just what the Father has spoken (See John 5:19 and 8:28).

Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people (Matthew 4:23).

Revelation proceeded action. Is the same possible for you and me? I believe so! When we, like Jesus, get alone with God, He reveals Himself to us. He reveals His will, showing us things we will encounter. When I taught Spanish, I had a high school student tell me I was pregnant! Her vivid dream the night before gave her that knowledge! Her faith in Jesus prompted her to boldly share the divine download! Do you think I was surprised by the pregnancy test I took the next morning? Continuing a couple of months ahead in that season of my life, I had dreams of a very tiny infant in my hands. Our son, Jacob, was two months premature, and our peace was intact throughout his healing process.

May our expectation of God infused with holy wonder increase our experience with revelation, and may we bring heaven’s realities to earth. It’s possible! Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts with wisdom, and we will walk into situations with God-confidence and heaven’s solutions!

Leaning in,


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