Did God Really Say…?

I shared a biblical truth on social media- God’s promise of provision and our faith to take hold of it. Matthew 6 states three times to not worry; in other words, stop doubting, He will do this! It’s not even a matter of asking in prayer for your material needs, because the Father in heaven already promises to take care of you. “Receive, Child” (Renee’s translation).

When a reader inserted cause for doubt of God’s eternal Word, I jumped to action. There was no way I would allow that “sometimes” word to remain attached to Biblical truth!!! God’s promises are either all true or all false; we don’t get to pick and choose!

“Do not attempt to dismantle the Word of God,” I rebuked. I went on to explain the Scripture, the nature of God, and a personal testimony. I have lived this truth by faith. God is who He says He is, so no doubt permitted! Not on my post!

The serpent instilled doubt in the Garden- “Did God really say…,” and you see what happened from there! A little doubt leads to a total abandonment of trust in God.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a daily diet of God’s bread- His Word. It is in His Presence, soaking in life-giving truths, that you and I learn His nature and learn our biblically supported expectation in Him. We discover who we are and what is afforded us as co-heirs with Christ.

Join me as I share New Testament truths about a believer’s identity in Christ. This is an exciting project that will include weekly posts. Please share the life-altering descriptions and help me to get the word out: It’s time for God’s children to own our identity and walk it out!


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