We Were Worried About Our Finances

When Jon and I stepped out of the boat of dual incomes to start our family, it hardly seemed like an ideal time to reduce our cash flow! But now that our boy was born, I wanted nothing more than to raise him full-time…

We didn’t crunch figures nor wait to see if all the finances would work out, we literally stepped out in faith! It was scary! We prayed- a lot! But the truth is, we weren’t asking the Father in heaven for anything bad… In fact, we were believing for what God has already established as His promise to us (See Matthew 6). It just took a few weeks to get that truth from our heads to our hearts!

The very month that we started our new life on one income, the Lord bamboozled us with a blessing! An all- expenses paid trip to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas! We heard Him loud and clear: “Oh, you’re going to cast your financial cares on Me? Well, then, watch what I can do!”bahamas pier

Does that make you feel good? I mean, it does me! I learned very early in what was tracking to be a lifetime of financial worries that God’s got this! One breath of God’s favor can do more for us than a lifetime of our striving to produce results!

In childlike amazement,


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