This Life Is an Adventure!

“Mom, we saw lots of healing miracles last week at youth camp. There was one camper…”

Okay, in my world, this makes for exciting conversation! I love to see my heavenly Father at work. In truth, the Holy Spirit is always present, always speaking, and always looking for open hearts through which He may reveal God’s love for us! He found quite the arena for partnership with heavenly realities last week! Those camp pastors, middle and high school students rallied in prayer for one another, and the transformations came! Restored hearing! Strengthened back! Full mobility! A medically-confirmed, drastically shrunken cyst! Surgery cancelled as a result! Come on! This is God! He is glorious and He is good- all the time!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I’m shouting here! There are loud proclamations of holiness and worth happening throughout creation and in heaven 24/7, and it’s all for King Jesus! It’s almost as though we’re deaf to it… sometimes I reread Revelation chapter 5 to remind myself of the on-going celebration since Jesus resurrected from death. Can you just trust me in this? IT’S VERY LOUD IN HEAVEN!

So, what does that have to do with us- on the earth, living out a vapor-length lifespan? We have to live this thing with purpose and bring glory to God right now! The heavenly Father is all-knowing, and He has crafted days for us that will excite us beyond measure- only He never forces; we have the option of running from His glorious plan. But you don’t want that nor do I. We want to run toward our loving, heavenly Father; we want to hear His heart toward us and step out in obedience WITH FAITH, when the Spirit says, “Go, and reflect Jesus’ light in the darkness.”

Today is Tuesday Try-It, and my prayer is that you surrender! I mean, surrender to such a degree that you are uncomfortable! May you and I live hour by hour recognizing our need for God’s Presence. May we live fully aware of our complete dependence upon Him. May we be challenged to live by faith. Believe me, when we experience such a state of surrender, it’s anything but boring! The life of abiding in Jesus Christ is full of adventure!

Living on His goodness,


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