It’s Here!

So many voices… so many outlets and opinions. We live in a culture full of messages. Yet, there is one voice that I’m certain is not as loud as it could be… the Body of Christ united in prayer! I’ve written much recently about our desperate need for prayer for America. You can read a recent post here. All of the world knows we are hurting and in need of real solutions. It’s like watching your lost friend who refuses to listen to your claims of Christ and continues recklessly down the path of his choosing… We need to pray!

Weekend Warriors, have you looked at Marriage Building on Facebook and Twitter this weekend? We’ve started a July campaign: One Nation Under God. We’re standing in the gap for our families, communities and cities. The people of God are lifting prayers to heaven to intercede for America! And be encouraged- believers all over the world pray for our beloved nation!

Let’s fill up the bowls in heaven described in Revelation 5:8- “…golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”

2 Comments on “It’s Here!”

    • James, thank you for visiting Sharing Love and Truth and giving me the link to your intercession series. Great work and necessary truth for the equipping of the saints. Nice looking blog too!

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