Self Check

Walking the beach this morning, this thought came: If you are quick to publicly justify your words, attitudes and actions, what excuses do you make in your thought life to those things kept secret?

We are quick to justify our waywardness and lack of self-control. We try to ease the conscience, and may satisfy ourselves for a bit- at least long enough to go through with rebellion to the Holy Spirit’s gentle leading. Then the guilt comes later along with a sense of foolishness for having fallen again in weakness.

Do you feel like self-discipline evades you when you need it most?

The biggest step forward into living with a clear conscience is recognizing the need to abandon excuse-making. It’s a coming before the Just Judge and confessing weakness that has led to sinfulness. What you and I learn in that posture of humility is Jesus’ love and power to forgive us, remove all shame and guilt, and give us a fresh start. And, we are empowered to live free from the need to make excuses!!! The Presence of God’s Holy Spirit with the believer grants amazing benefits, including self-control.

Weekend Warrior, this dose of inspiration causes us to self-examine our mental pathways. We’re not often found inspecting the recesses of our thought life, but if we deem to see Jesus Christ exhibited in us, this is necessary exploration. May we pursue the personal realization of our Lord’s testimony: “I only do what I see My Father doing… I only say what I hear My Father speaking” (See John 8:28 and John 12:49).


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