The Body of Christ is Critical

Tonight my man and I will speak at a marriage enrichment seminar and talk about the importance of mentorship for couples. But, we’re not just talking about any couple standing in as mentors- the call to resist the enemy by standing firm in the faith requires a God-fearing couple who knows how to pray!

How I love the Body of Christ! We need one another! We’re stronger together! This theme resonates in my heart over and over. “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3).

I am unsure of the future of America, but I believe the unity of Jesus’ church is the most critical piece of her trajectory. I, like many others who regularly check our nation’s pulse, sense the shifting sands taking place beneath our feet. Never have we seen so many individuals of faith in Jesus Christ running for president! Can’t you hear the Spirit’s cry to America? “Come back! You are far from My will!”

Personally, I’m experiencing a great paradox as I stand in the gap in prayer for our nation: I pray that liberty for our future generations is sustained. I pray that my children may freely worship their God and raise their children to do the same… However, I also feel the need to prepare myself and the Church for oncoming persecution- the stripping of our constitutional rights and the call to endure things we believe only happen in other lands…

I don’t intend to strike fear in your heart. There is no need to fear if you are in Christ. Persecution is expected if you are His witness. It is also endurable. Whatever the result of persecution, we are guaranteed reward for not having fallen away from our confession of Jesus Christ the Lord. We will rejoice on this side for having suffered shame for His Name, or we will honor Him face to face on the other side as He declares our faithfulness to the end. Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in Jesus.

Allow me to emphasize again the importance of the Body of Christ. If you are not plugged into a local church, make that a priority now- while we are still free to assemble. Get involved and serve the body of believers now, because if the coming days grow even darker, the community of faith will rely upon these relationships.

If you are seeking God’s wisdom for a church home, keep in mind these criteria and do not compromise:

  • The sacrifice of Jesus’ life for the remission of humanity’s sin and His resurrection to life are foundational tenants of the faith.
  • Being saved from sin involves repentance (turning from sin) and confession of faith in Jesus’ finished work of securing salvation.
  • The Bible is central for building up the believers in God’s standard for holy living.
  • The Spirit-led life is understood and modeled.

Loving His Body,


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