What’s Up With Donald Trump?

Are you tired of hearing about real estate mogul and billionaire Donald Trump making a run for president? He’s headlining in the news and not going away as quickly as some might hope. To what do you attribute his appeal? Could it be his business sense or his celebrity status attained through The Apprentice reality television show?

Much commentary about “The Donald” highlights his truth-speaking as a desired trait the masses have been waiting for in the political arena. This man is who he is and does what he does without excuses. Does that make him presidential material? Time will tell.

I am in no way offering support or suggesting a vote for Donald Trump in the primary election next summer. I’m just stating the obvious: he’s making a run for it and landing massive amounts of attention in the process.

I do offer speculation on a possible trend we’re seeing: the next president of the United States may not be a politician.

Did you feel that- a little rise of hope?

Maybe, just maybe, the near future offers a departure from big corporation “money weight” directing the affairs of our legislature, and America will return to “We the People,” a government by the people and for the people.

What must be heaven’s view now? I see it as something played out like the days of Moses- will God’s people go in and take the land that has already been promised to them? Joshua and Caleb said, “Yes! We can do this.” However, the majority said, “It’s too hard and cannot be done” (See Numbers 13:30-33).

Perhaps this hour in our nation’s history one day will prove to have been a tipping point as the one introduced above. God’s people did not rally behind Joshua and Caleb. Instead, they fell prey to unbelief; they refused to trust the promise of God and suffered as a result. All of that generation had to die off before the promised inheritance was realized. Only two survivors of the original millions that exited Egypt entered into Canaan (See Numbers 14:30). Can you guess their names?

Will America get behind our modern-day Caleb and Joshua? Will we take the land that Sovereign God has given us for His glory?



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