Say It!

“What are you doing with your faith?”

I wish that you could have been in the place where these words were boldly spoken by my friend, Pastor John Das. He was ministering to middle and high school students at the Christian school from which he graduated.

At sixteen years of age, John Das completed high school and traveled abroad to Africa. He was with his parents doing missionary work and asked if he could stay behind when they were ready to return to the U.S. His father allowed him to remain, so John began evangelistic work and over the course of several months, he saw three thousand people dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

While the fiery pastor admits that he was given a rich legacy of heaven’s realities for the believer, no one Christian today is excused from bearing much fruit for the kingdom of God.

May this question resonate in your spirit and challenge you as it did the young, the old, and everyone in between: “What are you doing with your faith?”

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