A Mind Consumed by Thoughts of What Could Go Wrong

Please share with your weekend warriors! This post on worry is a necessary read!
“It’s all about His Presence!”

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You’re a Christian and you worry.

That seems pretty normal, doesn’t it? When you tell your friends you can’t turn your mind off at night and fall asleep, they concur that it’s a difficult thing. A mind consumed by thoughts of what could go wrong is a sweet dreams killer. Everyone worries, right?

The wicked worry.

I’m sorry, I know that’s a harsh word and one we don’t want attached to us, especially if we profess to be Christians. However, it’s the Father’s choice word for those who do not know Him nor His nature. What God knows to be true, and what He has revealed to us through Jesus is that He is good, and He is faithful to His covenant. To allow our minds to be consumed with thoughts that deviate from this truth is to operate in unbelief… wickedness.

Worry is a condition stemming from fear of…

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