100-Day Identity Makeover: Day 2

Day 2

You Are the Light of the World (Matthew 5:14)

Light brings revelation. Shortly before dawn I sat on the back porch taking in life-giving truths in the Word of God. It was my morning practice once the weather turned mild enough for outdoor devotion time. On this particular day, loud screeches from the woods in front of me broke the quiet I enjoyed, and I was prompted to move closer to the trees and inspect a possible source of the clamor. I had been set up by God Almighty! Creatures high in the trees were obeying their Creator, drawing me out from under the roof’s cover and into a posture of reverent awe. I stepped down from the porch and was instantly captivated by the glorious view in the sky. The moon, setting full and low in preparation for the coming dawn, commanded my undivided attention. My eyes widened, breath escaped me, and my mind forgot the disturbance in the woods. The Spirit of God spoke:

You have no light of your own, but you reflect my glory!

“I hear You, God!” His message was as clear as the brightness of the moon that currently overwhelmed my being!

The Father in heaven desires that you, His child, hear and understand this most important truth: you are the light of the world. When you truly inherit this stunning concept, you will radically alter the darkness around you.

The amazing part of reflecting the Light is the freedom you have from the mindset, “I must produce something good and holy.” The reality is, “I must reflect the One who is good and holy.” Jesus said these words in the time of His earthly ministry: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself; He can do only what He sees His Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does… I do nothing on My own but speak just what the Father has taught Me” (John 5:19, 8:28). Jesus reflects the Father! “Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father,” He said (John 14:9). Likewise, because of your identity in Jesus Christ, you bring revelation of God and His kingdom to this earth. You reflect the goodness and holiness of God! You have no light of your own, but you reflect His glory! Hallelujah!

Child of God, you are the answer to the wayward soul’s cry, “What is true, right and pure?” You, the light of this world, declare, “This! This is the revelation of all that is God’s reality: truth, righteousness and purity!” You bring the realities of heaven to this earth! It’s true! You probably have prayed this prayer: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10, KJV). You, like Jesus, do only what you see the Father in heaven doing; you speak only what you hear the Father speaking. Walking in step with the Holy Spirit means heaven is revealed! Revelation means we actually do what Jesus told His Spirit-empowered disciples to do. “Preach this message: the kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons” (Matthew 10:7-8).

“I can’t do that,” you say! You’re right! YOU can’t, but the nature of Christ who is within you can! You have no light of your own, but you reflect His glory! Did you think that being the light of the world means leaving someone with a favorable opinion of you? “What a very kind person!” That’s not what God intends! You bear heaven’s resemblance, and that should shake things up! A more proper response should be, “This is amazing! God is real! I’ve never seen anything like this before!” When you hear responses like these to your Spirit-empowered ministry, then you are walking in your identity. You are truly the light of the world.

WALK IT OUT   Hear God’s Word and put it into practice (Luke 8:21).

Pray and ask the Father daily to whom you should prepare to minister and in what way. The Holy Spirit will show you insight so that you may speak His life-giving truths, share your testimony, pray with the individual or group of people and see a spiritual, physical, emotional, relational or material need met.




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