You Were Created For More

What if the life you know is not the fullest measure of God’s intention for you? Is it possible that there could be more to the journey?

A verse in Genesis 3 strikes me freshly: there’s life as we understand it through the natural mind, and there’s life as we understand through the supernatural presence of God. When the serpent tempted Eve to doubt the word of God, she followed through, acting in disobedience and influencing Adam to do the same. We call it the fall because they fell away from dependency upon their Creator and looked to that which was created as an alternate source of goodness for their lives. God’s compassionate heart expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden knowing that if they remained, they would eat from the tree of life and never cease to exist… in a sin-ridden state.

“… therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken” (verse 23).

… the ground from which he was taken. This grabs me. God formed Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed the Spirit into his nostrils to give him life (See Genesis 2:7). Here we understand that man doesn’t even exist apart from the supernatural presence of God. Yet, when we, like Adam, take our eyes off of our Creator and esteem more greatly something He created, we, too, limit our supernatural existence and usher in a dependency upon the natural.

If it’s the natural world from which you choose to pull your understanding of life, then in a natural state you will live.

These are heavy words. Essentially, God, through Jesus, has opened the door for all of us to live fully in the kingdom of heaven, but by our unwillingness to live by faith and by our unwillingness to seek wisdom concerning His kingdom, we will demote ourselves to an impoverished state full of natural limitations. That is not God’s best for you. He has more- so much more.

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