Christmas Tradition

Hey there! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! Am I the first?

Preparations for the holiday are in full-swing at our house! I am busily crafting and adding to the coastal flair that accentuates our celebration. You might be wondering what the beach has to do with God sending His Son to redeem humanity… Nothing, really. It’s just my heart’s desire to bring elements from the outside inside, and I really love the coast! Natural elements inspire me to behold the Creator with awe. I am struck by the beauty of His craftsmanship!

Truly, Jesus came in the most humble of ways. Understandably, the wise men from the east sought out the foretold King at the palace in Jerusalem. But, no, my Jesus was born in a stable. He is every man’s Savior- the rich and the poor.

Shepherds received the heavenly announcement of His birth. They left the fields to go and see the child King. Everyday people. Common places.

God simply said, “I’m coming to you because there was no other way for you to reach Me.”

Using natural materials in Christmas décor represents the fact that God takes me as I am. However, I like to add a little bling- it’s my way of saying, “Jesus accepts me just as I am, but He transforms me into royalty! I am a daughter of the King, and with that comes great privilege!”

I think I’m on to something with the Rustic Glam design! Here’s a shot of its prevalence in the NYC Macy’s last Christmas. You’re looking at actual tree bark covering the columns on the first floor. Some glitter added and lots of sparkling lights… Yep! That defines Rustic Glam.

For more rustic inspiration, take a look at the Harbor and Home Ornament Trio Giveaway that I’m offering! Today is the final day to enter! You can connect to the site here.

Finally, I’d like to send a thank-you to my sweet momma in heaven! She crafted everyday, and I continue to treasure her handiwork. She was so good at what she did, and people loved her folk-inspired crafts. Here is a compilation of our artistry.

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