Doors of Israel

In my recent post, “Hope Deferred,” I shared a vision of Jesus swinging doors open before me. These doors represent access to things once closed off. No special strength is required of Jesus to open the doors, only His supreme authority. I in my amazement watch with great wonder, but what happens next depends upon my living and active faith.

My recent travel to Israel is one of those open doors. The trip was given to me and my husband. Given. I won a spot in the Grace 2016 tour through Trinity Broadcast Network! Truly, Jesus opened the door for me to realize this dream held deeply in my heart for years!

Doors in Israel are varied and beautiful. I took some pictures with the hope of sparking a sense of wonder. What kind of life is lived on the other side of each door? What hope dwells there? What stories of ages past do these doors know?

When Jesus opens the door before you, will you enter through it? I pray you never doubt His heart and follow everywhere He leads you.

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