Galilee is Special

 The serene surroundings of the Mount of Beatitudes relaxes the visitor. The landscape is lush and the gardens are beautifully maintained. Our group sought shade on the hilltop and listened to our guide speak about the importance of the location during the time of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus taught the way of God’s kingdom, and His words are recorded for us in the book of Matthew. Chapters 5-7 are known as, “The Sermon on the Mount.”

After a short time of reflecting together as a group, we went downhill to the dock. The beautiful day we were enjoying called for a ride across the lake to the opposite shore. Sound familiar?

The crew no sooner pushed the boat off the dock than the praise music rang out for us to join in with our voices. I was already full of delight for having seen this area that I have pictured in my mind for years, but time spent on the water singing praises to God took me to a new level! Watching others inhale the beauty of God’s abundant love was an added bonus! Peace, love, and joy manifested exponentially. Pure celebration!




To capture the fullness of my heart in that moment, I opened my journal to the first blank page, one that interestingly had the following scripture in the top margin:

“Mercy unto you, and peace and love be multiplied” (Jude 1:2).

I wrote,

So much love, so much favor that is undeserved- grace! I love you, O Lord; You are good. You are my Father, the One who keeps me and takes me beyond what I ever could do! I love You and I’m expecting to see You resurrect things that we haven’t tended to… let us call them back to life.

Those words were the simple overflow of my heart… God’s response was simply amazing! Several days later I entered the empty tomb of Jesus, and the revelation of His resurrection hit me more deeply than it ever has! My worship of Almighty God could not be contained, and I pray it never will be!

Jesus truly is my all! There is nothing that I have need of that is not satisfied in Him. He chases me down with His goodness and love all the days of my life. I acknowledge every spiritual, material and relational gift as coming from His hand. This life I live promises to be one full of adventure as I seek to know more deeply His love. What I am learning thus far is each uncovering leads to greater awe. I guess that’s why the believer’s heart grows more childlike with the passing of time! I guess that’s why we more freely sing and dance like a little one does when he hears music- you just can’t help but celebrate!

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