Discipleship Growth


I recently took a class with the Potomac School of Ministry that taught principles for interpreting Scripture. The course, based on this writing by Howard and William Hendricks, brought great depth of insight to my approach to Bible study. How timely too! This year I desire to go deeper with the Lord, and He is bringing me many tools to help!

I accidentally ordered the workbook format of the above title when preparing materials for the class. But now that the class is behind me and the textbook is on the shelf, I realize I have not incorporated all that I learned into my daily time of study. Now I believe this workbook purchase was no accident at all!

I’m looking forward to the skills and the discipline that I will develop from utilizing this tool. I highly recommend Living By the Book for a clear and thorough presentation of how to study the Word of God for the purpose of application and the subsequent result of  a transformed life.

What study aids have you incorporated into personal time of reading God’s Word? Please  comment and share references, ideas or questions.

Digging deeper,


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