Helping Young People Through Change

“I need coffee because adulting is hard!”

I read the above quote to my daughter, and she replied, “I need that!”

Do you feel the angst of my eighteen-year old? She remains focused as a serious high school student, but, at the same time, is mapping out the next four years of her life. In the past few months, she has successfully applied to colleges, done an interview for a leadership program, attended information sessions on campus, received acceptances, selected the college to attend, determined a major, applied for a scholarship, met and agreed with another to be roommates, began the process for creating a first semester course load, as well as write a research paper and take numerous tests!

Jordan will be quick to say it has all been stressful! And this momma feels for her! I’m doing the best I can to be a support. Her father too. Through it all, I believe our most successful efforts are realized simply by being present through it all. Some of these decisions we cannot make for her; we simply must come alongside as she fearfully is learning to spread her wings and fly.


In two months time, Jordan will sense a tremendous release as she graduates and tosses that tasseled cap into the air! Things for the upcoming fall semester at Christopher Newport University will be in place, and all she’ll need to think about at that moment is gathering friends and family together for a backyard barbecue! {The planning for that one is on me, and I’m tackling it now!}

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