Worship in Israel


Worship in Galilee exceeds all other corporate worship settings that I have experienced! Now, I know that the posture of the heart is central for a divine encounter with God’s holy presence, but being a lover of His beautiful creation, I’m personally primed to meet with Him when I’m out in the elements!

The picture above shows David and Nicole Binion of Covenant Worship leading our tour group in singing one of their songs from the recent release, Take Heart album. I’m not 100% sure, but we most likely were singing How Great, a song that powerfully invites the hearer’s worship to rise up with abandon. Click here to take a listen.

I remember being so caught up in the wonder of the Father’s love as we gathered and sang along the shore of Galilee. Tears flowed, hands lifted, and the lyrics came forth with conviction. I could have remained there singing well into the night. He’s worthy, and the reality of the due praise to God Almighty escalates in Israel. At least that’s my experience!

“We sing and shout our praises to God through Jesus, the Messiah” (Romans 5:11, MSG)!

Of course I downloaded the album soon after I returned home. The songs speak to the season that I am in, and I’m encouraged daily as I replay them. My daughter, Jordan, seems to be getting a lot of repeats too- only hers are not so enjoyable! She tells me that she’s tired of hearing, “Imagine standing on the Sea of Galilee’s shore and singing this song… the gentle breezes and birds flying overhead…” Maybe I should switch topics and start talking about the corporate worship we had on the Southern Steps of Jerusalem!

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