There’s Hope for America

If you did not already know it, I am a patriot. I love my country and believe that America is exceptional at her roots. In prayer, I stand in the gap for us- all of us- free Americans. We abuse our beautiful freedom, and it breaks the Father’s heart.

Still, He is patient with us. God has not given up on America. There are many of us, nameless intercessors, standing in the gap in prayer and motivated by His divine love to believe for more than what we currently see.

We are watchmen on the wall.

The unraveling of our culture occurred because of a sin we allowed to go unchecked. And you know what that means-

Unchecked sin eventually chokes destiny.

And what is this unchecked sin? Self-interest. Pride. Selfishness. Self-exaltation.

Here, in acknowledgement of our very prideful human nature, we have the greatest potential for unity- a united cry to heaven in brokenness. Because, when we are left to ourselves, we do destructive things. We need rescue from the stronghold of sin.

“There is something more dangerous than the devil. The beast that rises up in the absence of a focused fight is the beast of pride, of self-promotion, and of self-centeredness.”  (Bill Johnson)

Selfishness is the deadliest cancer we face. It has the potential to metastasize at an alarming rate. What begins in the mind as a single thought can corrupt an entire system and render its host powerless.

Take, for example, the thought toward the importance of voting. What an amazing freedom we have to elect representatives of our voice into public office. However, many citizens neglect the freedom to vote. They follow the line of thinking that their vote doesn’t matter much. Those who avoid the polling centers figure Washington can take care of itself. They believe that what happens there doesn’t affect his/her life anyway!

People really act on such thoughts! “I don’t see how any of it affects me…” Selfishness!

Toilet symbols simple

So, today we face a social issue of who gets to use gender-specific public bathrooms. We now have elected officials who argue that DNA does not determine a person’s gender. I never thought I would see a day of nationally sponsored confusion. Yet, the majority of America’s citizens are not confused about what constitutes a male or a female, and what bathroom to use when in public. However, over the years, the selfish thought of, “politics doesn’t affect me,” has allowed for foolishness to have a large and public platform.

Still, there’s even worse news. No legislation can stop the thrust of selfishness. But, selfishness is conquerable because Jesus conquered all sin on the cross. So the power to overcome that which freely rules the nature of man is available to all who freely submit their lives to Jesus. He won’t demand our lives from us- in freedom of will, we lay it down.

Dear fellow citizens, the gospel of Jesus Christ is our one true remedy. We can re-identify as a nation of sacrifice built upon the saving grace of Him who sacrificed all for our eternal freedom.

I’m standing on the wall and keeping watch. I know you are too. May our cries lift to heaven that we might once again be one nation united under God.

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