When God’s Children Fill a Stadium

It’s a heavenly vision- an arena filled to capacity- a sea of faces… More than something to see, it’s something to hear. The sound… deafening, like an unceasing roar commanding attention. “What is this, Lord?” I asked.

Seven years later, I’m reading reports of the faithful gathering in stadiums to worship God Almighty. The people of God are exiting their church walls to unite with others in outdoor venues and to call upon His glorious Name. West Coast, East Coast, an on-going revival in West Virginia… Is the pentecostal fire ablaze and spreading?

Have you noticed that a fire consuming a house usually can be contained and extinguished before further damage to additional properties occurs? But a wildfire continues to spread as the winds blow and carry it across thousands of acres. The aftermath reveals a changed landscape. I pray for such an outdoor spiritual fire!

IMG_0066The Hampton Roads area experienced a time of refreshing at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.  On Pentecost Sunday, we met with one agenda: to lift high the name of Jesus! I think others who were present will agree with my notations on the beauty of an evening well spent:

  • The outdoor arena gave us freedom to be loud and to release our collective roar stemming from King Jesus’ triumph. We were at a sports stadium- it’s expected that you gather with others and get loud!
  • Outside the church walls, we were liberated to declare truth into the atmosphere. The  message of the world that contradicts the Word of God is LOUD. For goodness sake, God’s people cannot resign to whispering!
  • The scenery. There’s something awe-inspiring about worship when looking at the evidence of God’s power. And the wind was blowing… THE WIND WAS BLOWING! Spread holy flame, spread!
  • Jesus remained the headliner from beginning to end! Only once did an evangelist share the pastor’s name who birthed the event so that we could honor him for obeying God’s call. She recognized him as a humble servant. Other than that, we never knew the name of one leading us in prayer; we never heard a church name mentioned; the multiple worship bands did not point to their home churches… Nothing and no one was exalted except for the One who is deserving of our undivided affection! Yes, lovers of Jesus will unite for His fame!
  • The closing statements by one unnamed gentleman summed up the night perfectly. He asked the crowd if we knew how many churches had gathered for our night of worship, and he answered, “ONE!”

“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.” -Jesus

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