When Your Baby Girl Graduates


This day has come. You’re graduating from high school, and our being together every day is a season that quickly is approaching its end. I’m not sure how I feel about that…DSC03719

Being your mom is something that has brought me great joy. Your infancy was perfect. You were such an independent baby. Your grandpa said from the very beginning, “She is so smart.” I remember asking, “How do you know that, Dad?” He could tell just by looking at you.

Once you found your voice, you and Jacob became the best of friends. Remember me telling you how he would climb into your crib at nap time (with all of the beanie babies) and you two would communicate through squeals? That wasn’t funny for the mom who depended on nap time to get things done around the house!

Toddler years were comical because you said the dearest things. I love to quote your sayings.

Me: “Jordan! Who is the Mommy here?”

You: “Me and you!”

Your elementary years were special. We did that together everyday too, didn’t we? My most precious years of motherhood! I enjoyed you and Jacob in our little Beamer academy- best class I’ve ever had!

Now, I must admit, there were challenges in that season. You feel deeply, so offenses were especially difficult for you. Sometimes, I had a hard time reaching your heart, and our conversations were stifled. Daddy to the rescue. I would tell him, “I’ve tried but I had no luck.” He would then talk silliness to you, and the next thing I knew, you two would be laughing it up! “Oh, good,” I thought. “I’ll take all the heartache and tears; Dad gets all the joy!”

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The teen years… Something so precious has developed, and I find myself completely charmed by your love. I love our time together. In all truthfulness, I admire you. You are so much more than I ever was at your age, and your growth as a woman of grace promises much hope for the years ahead. I have nothing to add to what is already at work in you- the Holy Spirit is your teacher and He will guide you into all truth. But allow this mother one commendation that is already understood and practiced- by saying it I know I’m fulfilling my role, much in the same way that I ask you to be careful every time you leave the house…

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus- invite Him to be the center of all.

There. I’ve passed on what was given to me by my grandfather. You know this, and you live it well. I pray my example has been this very simple truth. Now go and do the same.

Well, I’m completely undone. I’m so proud of you. I’m so in love with you. And I’m in wonder of what lies ahead. My tears are ones of pure thanksgiving. I feel so undeserving of this wonderful life and all I can do is humbly thank my Father in heaven. You are a part of that overflow of gratitude and will continue to be.

For now, we celebrate! We gather friends and family, string up some cafe lights, and laugh well into the night. Maybe we’ll do some impromptu music- unite our voices and make merriment. Your graduation is a fitting occasion  for sheer joy! Take it all in, Baby Girl! You are loved and celebrated!

10 Comments on “When Your Baby Girl Graduates”

  1. Such a precious letter from mother to daughter! It makes me tear realizing how short the seasons are, and it reminds me to be thankful and breathe in each one.

  2. Renee, I admire your relationship you have with your kids. It is such a testimony and something that I hope to have as well as mine get older. Thank-you for your example and congratulations to Jordan! Well deserved!

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