Do Something

I must confess, I have thrown my hands up a few times in shock and dismay. Have we as a nation lost our minds?

Last year we learned that taxpayers funded federal grants for Planned Parenthood that totaled $500,000,000 in one fiscal year!

This week’s news included a military bulletin that is effective immediately: sex-change operations for enlisted, transgendered men and women will be provided just like any medical procedure.

Where is the outrage? Never have I witnessed so much nationally sponsored (at taxpayer expense) disregard for the sanctity of life! Creator God makes no mistakes! Life in the womb is holy and must be protected. Gender is determined by the Maker’s hands; it’s not a personal choice.

You know this, so I will cease from unnecessary ranting. But on this day of our celebrating American freedom, I am compelled to charge us to do something. Do something that is the right thing- the right thing to preserve freedom for citizens to worship, to speak freely, to defend their lives and their family’s lives.

The least we can do is to grow in a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to teach our children, grandchildren, neighbors and co-workers to do the same. It’s the least we can do.

And vote. Dr. Ben Carson reports that 25,000,000 Christians did not vote in the last presidential election! We cannot let that happen again this year. We must vote and charge all of our friends and family to vote. Give rides to the polling centers if necessary! Please vote this November. Vote your conscience. You believe everyone has the right to live- vote for the leader who believes the same.

Photo Credit: Compfight

Get involved. Where injustice exists without any pushback, you are needed. Is there something that enrages you, something that causes you to hit your fist to the table and say, “That should not be?” Women and children sexually exploited. Repetitive cycles of poverty, failing education and crime. The unborn ripped from a mother’s womb. Be the one who makes a difference. Join with others who are committed to justice.

We are not without hope. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. We have the light of Jesus Christ radiating from within. We have the truth that stands eternal. We are not bailing out nor are we backing down.

It’s our watch, friends. I’m linking arms with you and standing firm. We resolve not to be defiled by our world. On the contrary, we are bringing the purity of the goodness of God to our homes, our neighborhoods, our work places, our churches, towns, cities, nation and world.

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