When God Is Central in Our Hearts and Minds

You know that God reigns. No one has to convince you that by His almighty word He created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and all that is within them. You know that His plan for His creation is absolute; nothing nor no one can thwart what God has done, is doing, and is yet to do.

Concerning the details of your personal life, are you just as convinced of the Lord reigning over all?

I wonder if we commonly attribute to God all power on a grand scale, but a disinterest on a personal level? If such a mindset is present, we will be quick to doubt Him. If we’re honest, we can all attest to having some measure of weakness in the battle of the mind.

Personal discipleship is the antidote. By posturing our hearts and minds to take in God’s eternal truths, we are day-by-day shaping our beliefs. To not know the Father’s nature is to distrust Him. But to see Him in the revelation of Himself through Jesus and in the Bible is to know Him! Knowing is believing. Believing is trusting.

Our thoughts are the architect of our lives.

Right believing forms right attitudes. Right attitudes shape right actions. Living faith is the proof of the believer’s confession.

The psalmist declared, “The Lord reigns forever” (Ps. 9:7). I looked up the verb in the original language and noted the synonyms: to live, inhabit, dwell, stay. I turned this concept from the universal to the intimate and asked myself, “Does God inhabit the central core of me? Does He dwell in my thoughts, my heart? Does He stay present in all the dealings of my small life?”

Let us never be satisfied with the measure of spirituality in our lives. Let us cry out with passion, “God, increase my capacity for Your glory!” There is a river that never runs dry, so remaining continually thirsty is a good thing! I’m willing to grow and experience God’s increase, are you?

What does a God reigns lifestyle look like? Jesus. All of the security. All of the strength. All of the peace. All of the purpose.

Before the end of 2016, let’s view again the life of Jesus while He was on the earth. Let’s set the goal for our discipleship to study again the potential for the one who yields His life to Almighty God. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Who’s in?

3 Comments on “When God Is Central in Our Hearts and Minds”

  1. If we truly understand that God reigns over all in heaven and earth, than we can not help but know that even the next breath we take is by the will of God.

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