Takers, Receivers and a Giver

Finally settling down for a day of rest, and the sorrow of this world catches up with me. All that I can say is, “Father, forgive us for we know not what we do.”

When reality sheds light on the utter destruction we reap by our own hands, my mind races to formulate some measure of understanding. The following thought surfaces: At the heart of our carnality, we are takers.

Eve took from the tree… Cain took Abel’s life… Jacob took his brother’s birthright… Laban took advantage of Jacob’s trust. Moses took an Egyptian down to the dust. David took Uriah’s wife.

Herod took John’s head. Judas took the bribe. Zealots took stones and cast them upon Stephen.

Today the actions of takers are just as obscene: Hitler took the lives of millions of Jews. Human traffickers take people as slaves. Traveling businessmen take young girls for a source of pleasure. Radical Islamists take lives in the name of their god. Killers take police officers from the line of duty.

At the heart of our carnality, we are all takers. As much as you and I want to believe otherwise, we have an evil nature that cares not for what is good, holy and true. The evil nature consumes that which is of interest to self. Lest we view takers as only those who do criminal activities, let us remember how quickly we are to take sides or to take away another’s good reputation through gossip. We take advantage of a situation for personal gain. We take liberty with the truth. We take a little off the top for ourselves. We take a longer lunch than the company pays us for.

But God is the Giver of everything good. He gave this universe existence. He gave the world He loves His Son, Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him will not face the penalty of eternal separation from God but, instead, know and experience everlasting life. God gave Jesus; therefore, His beautiful redemption frees the heart once bound to sin. How joyous to know the Giver of Life. How freeing to live constantly aware of His unceasing and immeasurable love for me. God is the Giver to whom our bankrupt soul cries out.

Apart from His gift of Jesus, we have no hope. We have no chance of escaping our carnality. Without Jesus, we are destined to live as takers and to die and descend to a hell full of takers. Keep in mind this hell is subject to Lucifer who sought to take God’s glory for himself. Hell was created for the devil and the angels who followed his lead.

O sweet Gospel that rings true for all eternity and in every corner of the globe! We were created to be receivers! Having received eternal pardon for my sin, I am free to receive the blessed gift of the Holy Spirit- the Spirit of truth who is ever with me. Through the Spirit-infused life I am a receiver of teaching, counsel, comfort, power, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts for service.

Embracing my new identity as a receiver sets me up for a lifestyle of expectation. As a child of the Father in heaven, I have assurance of receiving His steadfast love, His 24/7 protection, His daily provision, and a strong sense of purpose matched with His all-surpassing power to carry it out!

What need have I to take from another? Must I demand validation of importance from another? No. My heavenly Father assigns me identity and significance in His Son. I have received assurance from Him that I am holy and dearly loved because of the blood of Jesus.

Must I connive a way to provide for myself and my family? No, my Father’s grace out-supplies my every need. I rest in knowing I will receive from His generous heart all that I ever have need of and more.

Shall I seek vengeance against those who offend me? No, because my heavenly Father sees all and will not allow any to escape justice. I am a receiver of His promise that He has a day in mind when He will right all wrongs.

Shall I fear what is to become of my life? Fear is not part of my inheritance. As the Father’s child, I know I am kept in His perfect love which casts out all fear. I am a receiver of His assurance that all the days He has ordained for me will come to pass.

I’ve written much, but I pray that I have spoken equally as much. This hurting world has one hope, and His name is Jesus. Every taker has the right to know the Author of Life, to be given the opportunity to put to death his sin nature, and to receive God’s glorious redemption.

May all receivers on the earth go forth with this gospel and make disciples as the Spirit enables us.

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