A Vision of the Coming Rapture


TBN Grace 2016 Tour Participants awaiting the start of Praise the Lord programming from the Southern Steps in Jerusalem.

While seated on the Southern Steps in Jerusalem, I listened to Bishop Clarence E. McClendon’s description of a vision he received from the Lord. It was there in Israel that McClendon knew he was supposed to release the vision- to share the revelation given him from heaven.

“Jesus is coming soon!”

“I had a prophetic revelation in a dream. Awakened, I spent six hours in the presence of God, writing and studying all that I had seen.”

“I was driving in my car on a California freeway and there was a great shaft of light. It was miles away but vivid. The span seemed to be one hundred miles wide- like when a spacecraft comes out of heaven [as depicted in a film]. At that moment, people began pulling over and were gazing at it.”

“Time stopped.”

“What was clear was the message of preparation. Images in heaven were moving- shadows only, silhouettes, as if they were preparing for a mass influx into heaven. Suddenly, I thought, ‘Is this happening?’ I asked myself in the Spirit, ‘Am I ready?'”

“Jesus appeared. So beautiful to behold the face of Jesus. Everything became clear- visible as through a window of heaven. It was clear that HE IS A KING!”

“Coals of incense were thrown on a burning fire- a majestic act. A controlled explosion of glory. God was giving Jesus His moment. Every eye saw this and time was frozen. At this moment, eternity invades now.”

“When I woke up, I wrote down my thoughts. In the dream, my eleven-year old son knew this was the rapture, but I was unsure… God wants us to have a restful confidence like my son displayed in the dream.”

“I also learned that my state of wondering in the dream was of God. God let me experience what others will go through at the moment when eternity invades now.”

“Finally, I learned that the moment this drama begins, every individual will be FROZEN in the state we’re in. If you’re ready, you’ll know it and you’ll leave. If you are not ready, there will be no opportunity for repentence.”

As a witness of the public sharing of McClendon’s vision, I can say that he is very convinced of what he saw and experienced in the dream. All who hear it should respond with a quest for Scriptural truth concerning the matter. Jesus spoke clearly about His return for His bride. Please reference Matthew 24 and 25.

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