When a Car Accident is Good

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

“Renee, meet me at Dino’s shopping center. We’re going to Richmond to get Jordan- she was in a car accident.”

Jon alerted me of Jordan’s crisis and we quickly abandoned our afternoon plans to travel to where our daughter and friends were enjoying a final outing before they soon go separate ways to their college campuses.

We arrived an hour later to find our daughter and friends in a good state of mind. The officer had since departed, but, according to Jordan, he handled the situation with much grace. He took the opportunity to encourage Jordan- she was obviously shaken up when he came to work the scene of the accident.

Jon saw that her car could not be driven home, so he called a towing company that could transport it back to our city. Never could he have known that the Father had a divine appointment in store for him. While I drove Jordan and friends back home, Jon enjoyed an hour-long conversation with the tow truck driver. Hearing the man’s personal story moved Jon with compassion to bless him. And when I picked my husband up at collision repair shop, the driver, Jon and I joined hands and prayed together.

In everything we give thanks.

What began with nine adults praising God for His covering of protection and His faithful provision quickly increased to ten.

Don’t you love how God invades our ordinary and not so ordinary moments of life and makes Himself known?

4 Comments on “When a Car Accident is Good”

  1. After 20 years of living and traveling throughout Alaska I have not only witnessed Gods handiwork but have been able to reach out and exemplify his words. Thanks for an uplifting post.

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