Road Tripping in Israel

We truly ran where Jesus walked; at least, our tour bus ran! For a country so small, we definitely put the miles in, and we still did not see all of Israel!

Day four of the trip was a treat {everyday was amazing}! Not long after the sun rose, we settled into our coach bus for the long ride. I went to my iTunes and selected an album for worship – Elevation would do just fine.

I’m struggling to find words… there’s something about singing “Yahweh” as you travel the route His feet walked. I don’t know how to explain it. Just take my word for it- that was some tender worship.

I go back to my journal entry from that day where I noted the experiences of Galilee:

Here on the sea… warm sunshine… breeze from boat ride… sea spray… worship.

And here’s my favorite part:

All day long in Your Presence!

Elevation Worship’s album, Here As In Heaven, will forever remind me of road tripping in Israel. Look at the pictures above and you will understand why these songs resonate within me: Grace Like a Wave, Call Upon the Lord, O Come to the Altar, Resurrecting, Shine a Light, Yahweh… I hope you’re familiar with the CD. If you want to hear these and additional songs, you can check out the music here.

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