The Sound of Heaven

“… the sound of heaven touching earth…” Kim Walker-Smith’s lyrics grab my heart. It’s an undeniable sound- loud, penetrable, stop everything you’re doing and listen sound.

I thought about the fact that heaven is not limited to a chronological passage of time… It’s the eternal realm. Reading Revelation 5 again today, I imagine heaven is rejoicing over Jesus’ triumph as though it just happened! It is still fresh! Heaven is not waiting for a commemorative occasion to remember the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah when He came out of the grave; heaven hears the sound and emulates it as the Champion is heralded by every living creature, “Worthy!”

Hmmm… Am I keeping the all-surpassing victory of my Lord Jesus before me at all times? Is it as fresh today as the day I met Him? Is it as fresh today as the day His resurrection power overcame my greatest challenge- my sin?

We are the vessels through which Holy God releases the sound in the earth!

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