So I Pray

So many watchmen and women indicate what others sense in this season of America’s story: We are at a crossroads as a nation…

For the past eight years I have been more mindful to thank the men and women in uniform, the ones who have put their lives on the line to secure freedom for fellow citizens. How can I ever truly thank them and the generations of self-sacrificing men and women before them? Nothing I do is sufficient, but I surely can say “thank-you.”

I want American freedoms maintained. They are so precious- those who paved the way for us to live in freedom knew that they would not be the benefactors of their “all- or- nothing” pursuit. They risked everything to set the foundation in place for future generations to dwell in freedom.

Yes, I want protected freedoms, but I also want an on-fire Church, not a status-quo Church. If the freedom we enjoy continues, I pray that we will not keep doing what we’re doing. I’m asking that we humble ourselves. Humble ourselves. With freedom stripped away, we would be humbled. But that freedom remains AND we humble ourselves and seek Your face- this is my desire.

In humbling ourselves, I am praying that we thirst for Holy God’s presence as though nothing else will satisfy. Because nothing will.

Fill this temple with Your glory, God, until I have no trace of personal ownership. 

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