Let Me Explain Faith That Moves Mountains

The Spirit of Christ within you believes for all things. Truly, “nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

So what does your faith fleshed out in your circumstances look like? It looks like every belief, spoken word, and action is dependent upon the all-encompassing victory of the Lord Jesus Christ, who took the sin of humanity to the cross, paid for it in full, died, was buried, and rose from the grave on the third day!

Your faith does not look like an expectation upon another source with an additive of Jesus. He is not the good luck charm.

Let me explain how God expresses His covenant of devotion to His children. Marriage. He presents Himself to His bride, the Church, as a faithful lover. He will not abandon His Word. Faith is trusting in the faithfulness of God.

If, however, we doubt that God is who He says He is, and if we doubt that He does what He says He does, then we lack a basis for believing that with God all things are possible. Think of it this way: It’s a wedding ceremony between a husband and his bride and his back-up lover, should he lose interest in the one to whom he pledges himself in marriage. Have you ever witnessed an absurd scene like that? Would a bride say I do knowing at any moment the eyes of her lover may depart from her and go to the other woman who stands with them at the altar?

This is how we treat the covenant of God when we doubt Him. We choose to believe that He will not be faithful to His Word. We know we still belong to Him in covenant, but we distrust the binding truths of the covenant, thinking there’s a chance that God will not come through. Perhaps He will shift His eyes to another, we reason.

Have you sought the counsel of the God’s Word concerning the matter that concerns you? Are you in need of relational healing, physical deliverance, or a financial miracle? Do not doubt God’s promises, but meditate upon the truth day and night.

Your faith has made you well. -Jesus

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