A Gentle Correction {Well, Sort Of}

I’m a teachable person, so I’ve had my share of being redirected in my thinking by the loving correction of another. It’s part of life, is it not? Please allow me to return the favor through a gentle prod concerning my Christian brothers and sisters’ disdain for the upcoming presidential election.

While making my latte this morning, I found myself thinking, “I wish I didn’t care so much!” I’m very passionate about the direction of our nation, and I’m greatly concerned for the future of my children and their families. Honestly, I know it is vital that I care, because we the people are the hope for America’s future. We are America. If I don’t care and if you don’t care, then we let madness continue to unravel the fabric of our society. Can we just come to terms with something? America is decaying.

Here is my alert to the Church in our beloved nation: We are not victims; we are forerunners of truth. We set the pace and all of culture follows. This is no time to play the whiny card! {There’s a social media meme showing a toddler in full-on wail with the caption, “I want two different candidates!”} I understand that we who live by moral conviction want a person who perfectly represents our Christian standard of righteousness and justice. His name is Jesus, and He’s not seeking election. The government will be upon Jesus’ shoulders- all is His on the soon-coming day!! But for the time being, He has left us with the entrustment to expand the knowledge of God in the earth.

Ben Carson sought the nomination for the Republican party, but America did not choose him. We love Ben Carson and his reverence for God and the soundness of thought he exemplifies. We had hope that he could win and not be bought by the political machine. Dr. Carson currently supports Donald Trump’s campaign and remains invested with one message to Americans: You must get out and vote November 8. And be reminded that the deadline to register to vote is October 17!

Tens of millions of Christians did not vote in the last presidential election, and there is no excuse for the gross negligence of our freedom. One more election cycle with an atrocity of that magnitude, and we will hand over more freedoms than we ever thought possible!

Something surprising happened last night during the time of the presidential debate. Christians were praying in the Spirit. I too had an overwhelming sense to pray- I ignored it initially, but I remembered the same sensation of uneasiness came upon me years ago during a time of critical decision-making in an executive meeting with other Christian leaders. I quickly arrived at the same conclusion last night as we leaders did years ago: now is the time to pray! While watching the televised debate, I began praying in the Spirit. My daughter must have heard me because she looked at me strangely and I explained my actions.

Lance Wallanau’s Facebook feed showed responses of many believers who were praying in the Spirit while watching the two candidates contend for America’s vote. Interestingly, Megan Kelly, a Fox News journalist, made the comment, “Things may have shifted tonight.” THAT is what I’m talking about! We don’t watch national and international news to get clobbered by the magnitude of problems we face in this world; we PRAY through them with Holy Spirit wisdom, and things shift!

Please, please, please, Christian brother and sister, do not see yourself as helpless against the Goliath of establishment. Our prayers are powerful! Our fixation on the known victory that we have in Jesus Christ is motivational. God has not turned His back on the nation that began with a purpose to glorify Him here and in the earth, and that is revelational! If you and I choose to do so, we can continue to operate in the blessed work of freedom woven into the covenential words spoken by the Reverend Robert Hunt upon the first landing in Virginia on April 26, 1607: “… from these very shores the Gospel shall go forth to not only this New World, but the entire world.”

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