Make Agreements with Truth

football frenzyDid you watch the big game yesterday? Really, I don’t know what big game was going on, but it makes me think that if you were to tell your winning team you need them today to go and fight a good battle for the win, they would momentarily pause their raucous celebration, look at you and say, “We already won!”

No fan would say that, right? But, don’t we do that with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Don’t we plead for Him to do something while ignoring His words recorded nearly 2000 years ago: “It is finished?”

Perhaps my focus on Jesus’ victory stems from a small glimpse into the reality of heaven. It was a repeated request of mine for years. Father, show me Your reality. What I heard impacted me more than what I saw. The sound of celebration of the Lamb who overcame is deafening. It is a roar unlike anything you’ve ever heard coming out of a stadium where the biggest game has just been won.

Jesus is worthy and heaven makes His praise glorious!

So, when the battle is at hand and the giant circumstances bellow lying threats at you, you only need to make an agreement with the battle that was already won! Victorious Jesus has won! His Name is Victory!

Jesus said that the one who loves Him and obeys His teaching will become the residence of Him and His Father. “We will come and make Our home in you,” He said. (See John 14:23.) Victory dwells in you. Victory dwells in me. We release the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ into any situation that is out of order. We make agreements with the truth of Jesus’ resurrection victory, and and we right what is in a state of chaos. How? By the Spirit of truth. Release it into every unordered situation that poses itself as victoriously having the final word.

Friend, if these words ignite within you, you are going to devour my current writing, Reclaimed Identity: Discover 100 Reasons Why You Are More Than You Know. I am scheduled to complete the work by the end of the year, and I solicit your prayers. To find out more about Reclaimed Identity, please reply with your email address. Your information will be confidential, not seen on this blog by others, and not shared with any outside sources.

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