Why I Agree with Time Magazine that Pastor Choco is an Influential Leader in the World

August 1, 2016 presented me with an amazing opportunity to hear Pastor Choco De Jesus bring a word from God in an arena filled with thousands of young people from all over the nation. Long before I ever heard him preach, I heard about De Jesus’ reputation. This man, mightily energized by the Spirit of God, will not be intimidated by the spiritual forces of evil influencing the direction of our country; He is fully clothed in the armor of God!

Pastor Choco charges the Church in America to be leaders. He makes clear that we are not called to be spectators but activists in declaring the kingdom of God. The following comes from my notes on the message he spoke to all of us in attendance at the National Youth Ministry Convention in Louisville, Kentucky:

When I was fourteen years old and newly saved, I was at an event. A woman spoke in tongues and then prophesied over me, “You are called to be a leader. I’ll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Later at that event another person said the same. 

I want to speak to you tonight from Numbers 10:1-2.

The Lord said to Moses: “Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out.”

Sound was created by God. There’s the trumpet sound of a battle cry, of mourning, and of preparation. Why did God specify two trumpets? They were for Aaron’s two sons; two were enough to alert all of Israel.

But why does God specify horns if Israel already had shofars? Because the people need a new sound, and God wanted man to be part of the process. Making a horn of metal is a labor intensive process.

A new sound is to come out- to come out of His people. Horns are different than the instruments of Egypt that the Israelites knew. Horns are made of pure metal to make a clear sound. 

There is so much sound in America. The Church needs to put a pure sound in America. There is no ambiguity about who you are in Jesus Christ. 

We need the clear sound of the Redeemer lives! God is looking for a pure, young person that’s not afraid to make the pure and distinctive sound of Jesus Christ. We need to hear more of Jesus in our saints. Everyone and their mother is a Christian, but very few are saints!

Youth, turn off cell phones so you can hear. The devil wants to destroy your worship. Don’t come to church empty-handed. Have a posture of humility and generosity. You give up your rights when you accept Jesus. Even if your church is not making altar calls, still go at the altar.

We need the sound of thanksgiving! There is complaining and grumbling- that is what kept Israel in the wilderness.

The sound of repentance is needed. Many in our culture are adjusting to sin instead of converting from wrong sin. You hear the word, “mistake.” It’s more than that. Sin separates me from God, so repentance is needed. But many want a service provider instead of a sovereign King. The book of Revelation records letters to seven churches; five were warned to repent or else.

The world needs the sound of celebration. 

God only needs two! Two trumpets! But remember, He says He has to hammer you; to fashion you. Go back to school and to university and speak as a trumpet plays. 

Is there a mournful sound because there are less pure, young people? The world says we have no relevance, but Jesus said of Jairus’ daughter, “She’s not dead, only sleeping!” The trumpet is calling! Get ready! There’s going to be an awakening, a revival in the land!”

After Pastor Choco finished preaching, he asked for all who were impacted by the message, who felt that they were among those called to sound the trumpet, to come down on the floor of the arena and enter into a time of prayer. I wrestled in that moment knowing that the night was geared for the youth gathered, but I myself was desiring to give God my yes. I relented and joined the masses heading down from the stadium style seating and to the main floor. There we individually prayed concerning our hearts and our readiness to be fashioned by God as an instrument of His sound. It was a powerful experience in God’s presence!  God filled me again with His Spirit. There’s no other way to be a witness for Jesus Christ than by the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.

Which of the sounds that Pastor Choco mentioned resonates most with you?

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