The Coming Storm

My two most distinct dreams of late have both illustrated a theme of the shortness of time. In the dream I had last month, I even said the words, “We are in the eleventh hour.” That is a clear message. The watchmen and women on the wall are sounding the alarm.

That we all have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Earlier this week, my dream included some details that speak well of the season we find ourselves in. First of all, the appearance of children in the dream points to the future hope and future generations. We must protect them and do all within our God-entrusted authority to hand down to them a pathway for life, freedom, worship and prosperity.

Stormy sky with tornado over roadSecondly, there was a storm surrounding the scene where I stood with the children. Lightening strikes were behind me within the storm clouds, but more frighteningly, a tornado was ahead on the horizon. I saw it quickly advancing although no one else seemed to notice. I drew attention to the funnel as it approached, but we did not run for shelter because it suddenly was upon us and moved past us without disturbing our area. I stood and watched dumbfounded as I had never been that close to something so powerfully destructive in all my life.

The tornado element speaks of destruction, danger, judgment and drastic change. The winds of change are upon us, but what will that look like? Will things get better? Is this the beginning of the end?

The children of God reflect the peace of God. He is sovereign over all that He created, and we have no fear of what is ahead. I relate the state of our heart to a personal experience I had eight years ago during the time of my mother’s passing. I remember the day before my mother graduated to heaven because it was a Sunday, and before I went to church, I went outside and prayed. I told the Lord that I merely wanted for Him to overshadow me. I wasn’t going to ask for special prayer that day in my morning class, nor was I going to go to the altar on behalf of my mother. I had an overwhelming peace in knowing that although the path was about to fork, everything was fine. Either my mom was going to go to be with Jesus, or she would experience a miraculous healing on this side of heaven. I knew that there was a special measure of grace in that hour- I had an enhanced awareness of His peace and strength. I knew that I was being propelled into the future with a power not of human origin. I likened it to the sensation of being on a surfboard once I had caught a wave. At that point, all the physical struggle of paddling ended, and all I had to do was to ride the power of the wave.

Friend, I’m not sure what the coming storm is to bring. We may watch it bypass us. There may be a sense of temporal relief, or the landscape may become increasingly dark while the U.S. Constitution is uprooted and shredded. The children of God have a definite role to play in this time of uncertainty: keep eyes fixed on the One who is above the storm. Jesus is eternally King, and we are inheriting a kingdom that cannot be shaken. In addition, keep in mind the following:

  1. Continue to pray for a purity of heart within you, that you will not give in to the enemy’s divisive nor fear- baiting tactics.
  2. Out of the love of God flowing like a river within you, reach out to the captives held in darkness. They are hurting and broken and view life through a very narrow lens of personal experience. Let the expansive heart of God be experienced through your intersecting their lives.
  3. Vote November 8 based on the party platform and how your conscience finds agreement with one or the other. Do not vote based on the personality of the candidate or something that specifically offends you; think more broadly- what will benefit continued freedom for the next generation?

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