Church Growth

Today I find myself asking, how does a church grow? It’s going to be the focus of this weekend’s guest speaker, Duke Matlock, at Warwick Assembly of God in Hampton, Va and I’m very excited!

I do know the answer: a church grows organically. Disciples making disciples. We look for the opportunity to live Jesus before those who are far from God, and, assuming that our gospel is pure (the speaking matches the doing), we are able to lead others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His glorious gift of salvation.

I appreciate the way my church’s leadership values Christ-followers from another church seeking a different place to worship. No, they don’t show value to the brother and sister by asking them to transfer their membership to Warwick; they counsel them to take their offense to Jesus, return home to their family, and work through the conflict. Isn’t that love? I mean, let’s face it: we’re human and we hurt one another and we get hurt. The Church should be the standard of teaching Christians to not run from your problems stemming from conflict. Go back home to your spouse. Go back home to your parents. And most certainly, go back home to your church.

Evangelist/missionary Jim Gilbert teaches such wisdom concerning the reason Christians church-shop: “Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers…” (1 Cor  4:15).

Discipleship is truly the way we grow our churches. We position ourselves for discipleship, and we seek opportunities to enter into a relationship to disciple another.

What thoughts do you have about your role in church growth?

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