Are Gay Marriages Equal?

I’ve been challenged to view gay marriage as equal. In fact, all of us have. It’s a politically charged agenda that already has passed the highest level of scrutiny in America- the Supreme Court of the United States. And, take care if you dare not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Your criminal behavior includes such wrongs as homophobia and bigotry.

While engaged in conversation with a gay woman, I was told I was “hateful” for not accepting her marriage as equal to a marriage between a man and a woman. She viewed my resources used to aid the building of marriage as equally applicable to her relationship. That may be true for many people, but all of my understanding of marriage comes from the designer of marriage. I cannot separate God from marriage, and I cannot separate biblical principles for marriage from helpful advice given to those in marriage. To remove God’s design for marriage, meaning one man and one woman in lawful and God-honoring union, is to take the foundation away from everything I have known and learned over the past forty years, and I would have nothing to stand on.

It’s like me asking the gay woman to produce a child the way my husband and I naturally produce a child in marriage. Have a sexual union resulting in conception, pregnancy, and birth. Of course the gay woman would say she cannot have a child in that manner. She would have to go outside of her relationship to conceive a child through a sexual union.

That is my limitation exactly! To try to do what she thinks I naturally should be able to do, I would have to go outside of my relationship with Jesus Christ and actually betray Him in order to produce agreement with her philosophy. It’s not that I hate or devalue the dear woman and her lover, but I will not deny my Lord for the sake of finding agreement with man.

This is an unpopular post, I understand that even before I click “publish.” But the reality of our day is a presidential candidate seeking election believes religious beliefs have to be changed in order to move society in the direction that she supports. How Clinton plans to change religious conviction, I’m not sure. Government can legislate spiritual lawlessness and find mass compliance, but one thing it cannot do is extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit within the souls of the redeemed of God in Christ Jesus the Lord!

Does the upcoming presidential election on November 8 have an impact on the protection of the First Amendment? Is Freedom of Religion under assault in the United States? Vote below.

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