An Open Letter to Tim Kaine

Dear Sir,

It is appropriate to acknowledge that you hold one of the six largest platforms in the country during this defining hour. America’s future is being decided within the next few days, and many of her constituents go knowingly to the polls with awareness of such truth.

Having recently read your comments about the need for the Catholic Church to change its stance on gay marriage, I feel responsible to enlighten you about the regenerated nature of a person who has believed upon Christ Jesus the Lord, the Son of God, given to the world in an act of love for the gift of eternal life through faith in Him. Personally, I have been born again by faith and no longer live according to my carnal nature, but by the eternal nature of Christ in me.

You see, faith is not a philosophy. Your running mate has a current philosophy that states same-sex marriage is real marriage, but she used to confess a belief in God’s definition of marriage: “A man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Obviously, she has evolved. You, likewise, hold to a philosophy that love between any two people constitutes a basis for marriage.

The people of faith do not hold to a philosophy. Rather, the law of the Spirit governing the born again’s conscience is a mainstay that does not alter here in the temporal nor in the eternal. God’s Word stands firm without end, and the Spirit within the believer, guiding and leading him, will never defy God’s holy principles for faith expressed in our actions. The truly regenerated of God will not flip-flop declaring His truth as accurate in one season and false in another.

Please don’t think that we people of faith mindlessly hold to “religious traditions,” so that must be the reason we are unable to evolve like you have done. What we have through the work of regeneration is a deep understanding of the Creator’s heart for giving us the framework for a society of order and decency. The family is the basic building block for any nation, and God gave specifications for the design, growth, and purpose of the family in His Word. To align ourselves with His principles is to walk in His blessing of total well-being on a personal and corporate level. Have you ever thought that perhaps the unraveling of America’s culture may be tied to the legal dismantling of the family through government policies for which your political party fights? Think about the chaos in recent decades: mass murders on public school and college campuses, cops shot and killed, riots and burning cities. For this reason, we, the people of faith, will continue to engage our government and to support candidates who honor God in their understanding of the family’s role in creating safe communities for us all to live.

The push coming from your party to normalize the LGBT lifestyle has been strong and met with the intended compliance from some. Keep in mind, though, that a White House bathed in rainbow colors was not celebrated nationwide nor world-wide, for that matter.  Many in the world grieved with those of us who cried out to God about our nation’s sin. But since the Supreme Court has rendered a decision legalizing the marriage of gays, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and return to our lives with an evolved understanding of normal. The highest of all judicial fairness in America has spoken.

Sir, I cannot change what I understand about marriage to find agreement with man’s current philosophy. That doesn’t make me a bigot, homophobe, or hater, but simply one who stands in stark contrast to a worldly mindset. While the personally experienced backlash for now includes hateful attacks and demands to be silent, I have brothers and sisters in the faith undergoing law suits. We know that we have it easy here in America; brothers and sisters abroad are losing their heads for not denouncing their faith in Jesus Christ.

I would have to denounce my Lord Jesus in order to agree with marriage as defined by your political party, but I don’t think you understand that. Jesus said that only those who do the will of God can truly discern if Jesus’ teaching is from God or not. Perhaps I’m wasting cyber space by typing these words, but here goes: God is the designer of marriage; therefore, He has all authority to define it. I speak regularly with husbands and wives sharing biblical truths for a rewarding marriage. There is no foundation for marriage if there is no God in marriage. I learned that as an observant child forty years ago! I inherited the spiritual principles for marriage when I surrendered my life to Jesus and became a child of God.

Finally, your demand to change my belief about gay marriage and get in line with your philosophy is like my requesting a gay couple to produce a child through a sexual union, the same way my husband and I naturally produce a child. This is my normal concerning marriage; I demand it be every gay couple’s normal as well. But, no same-sex couple can have a conception, pregnancy and birth through their sexual acts. A gay woman or man would have to do an act of betrayal and go outside of the relationship to conceive a child through a sexual union. What I ask of them is not natural according to the philosophy they live.

The above is a hypothetical situation, of course. I would not demand of someone what they naturally cannot do. I would not spew hateful and demeaning speech at them; nor would I tell them they have no right to speak because their natural does not align with my natural. I certainly would not tell them to change their beliefs for the sake of agreement with me. And the lowest of all blows I wouldn’t do is show them the door in an act of devaluing their worth.

Would you?


Renee Beamer

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