What is God Doing in This Season?


The winds blew strongly on this warm fall day. Mild temperatures beckoned me to come outside and enjoy perhaps the last opportunity this year to go without a coat. I walked to the park and the pier overlooking the James River.


With eyes wide open I looked to receive revelation from the Father in heaven. He is always speaking. I watch leaves drop from the trees and I hear Him say that we need to be just as willing to release everything attached to this temporal world, for it’s final destination is death. We who belong to the family of God have a holy pursuit of that which is of eternal value, namely, Jesus Himself.

To summarize what I sense in this coming season, I believe the Church is entering into a time of cleansing. We want only Jesus. God wants a purity of our faith. What results is corporate unity in our hearts and minds renewed in the truth of God’s Word and a relentless pursuit to know Him and make Him known.

Are you asking God to direct you with an expectation for 2017? I’m praying too. I want to believe for greater revelation. I certainly do not want to miss what He is doing in the earth in this new season to come.

The picture above shows a tree full of fruit. I pray that the berries speak to you as they do me. God wants us to be fruitful; He wants to see multiplicity come through our lives. So, I pray for us, that whatever we lay our hands to, we prosper in because He is with us.


2 Comments on “What is God Doing in This Season?”

  1. that sounds nice . I know here on the East Coast it’s raining and I went walking this morning…temps in the 50’s . Not sure what God is doing this season but I know I want to be apart of it. AMEN

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