Keeping Focused

After a full day of Christmas shopping with friends at Richmond’s Bizarre Bizaar, I definitely can attest to the real struggle of remaining focused on the purity of Christmas. At this time of year, Christians worldwide remember the reason for our hope: Jesus came into the world in human flesh, lived a sinless life, was crucified, died and resurrected on the third day. The most valuable gift in all the universe- the promise to forever know the presence of God, His love and acceptance- has been granted through faith in Jesus Christ having shed His blood for the payment of the sin of humanity.

I am an eternally blessed woman for having believed, and I pray that my desire for knowing God will stir a hunger for others to know Him as the Lover of their soul. That is my Christmas wish, and I must work at keeping focused, for the pull of commercialism is strong, my Friend!

I placed beautiful scripture cards written by the talented Alexandra Rutkowski on some of the Christmas tree limbs. May I remember truth and continue to reflect on the goodness of my God this Christmas and always.

May your Christmas season be full of heartfelt celebration bringing honor to our King!


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