say good-bye to excuses

We must self- examine our tendency to justify our decisions.

sharing love and truth

Get ready, Sharing Love and Truth readers! Today we’re saying good-bye to our excuses!

Photo Credit: drewleavy via Compfight cc Photo Credit: drewleavy via Compfightcc

Let’s be real: We make excuses to ourselves; we make excuses to others, and we make excuses to God. Oftentimes, the excuses we make to ourselves are in the form of justification. We seek to justify our attitudes, words and actions in an effort to cleanse the conscience. And let me tell you something: you can justify anything you want to so your little mind is at ease.

Using your rationale, you can justify a deliberate offense against your own body, against others, and against God. We do it when we fall to temptation to lust, to overindulge, to be lazy, and to let our emotions control us. We often will employ justification when we make decisions concerning our use of money.

Anytime we compromise the truth and present our…

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